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Vital™ Mini Mixer Grinder

Vital™ Mini Mixer Grinder

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Premium Quality-Heavy Duty | Available Exclusively On Our Website

🌟Vital™ Mini Mixer Grinder 🌀

Grind grains, spices, nuts, beans, herbs, peanuts and much more. This mini mixer grinder is compact size, so that you can use it on your kitchen slab, table etc. Just push the button and watch it grind in seconds.

👍 One Touch Use:

Simple as a click! Just press the button to start, hold for continuous grinding, and release to stop. Super user-friendly, it'll be your kitchen buddy in no time.


⚡ Super-Fast Grinding:

Lightning-speed results! Experience efficient grinding within 20 to 30 seconds. Time-saving and effective for your busy lifestyle.

⚡ Grinds Everything:

From coffee beans to nuts, grains to spices – this grinder handles it all! Perfect for chilli, peanuts, kabuli chana, rajma, and more. Versatility at its finest!


Grind up to 80 gm of your favorite ingredients at once – grains, beans, herbs, coffee beans, nuts, and spices. All in a matter of seconds!


🧹Easy to clean:

No fuss! Open the transparent cap, and a quick clean with a small brush or cloth is all it takes. Maintenance made simple.

✔ Clean the inner wall of the grinder with a brush, paper towel or dry cloth.
✔ Don't clean the grinder directly under running water.
✔ Don't clean the inner wall of the grinder with a dripping cloth.
✔ Don't use a dishwasher to clean.


🌐 Material: Stainless steel 
🌈 Color: Multicolour
📏 Size: Compact
🔌 Power: Efficient 220V, 50Hz

🚀 Upgrade Your Kitchen Now! Limited stock available. Get your Deal Vital™ Mini Mixer Grinder today and enjoy hassle-free grinding!


🎁 Package Includes:

  • Mini Mixer Grinder * 1PC


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