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Vital® Motion Sensor Light

Vital® Motion Sensor Light

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Never Fumble In The Dark Again!

Are you sick and tired of your dark wardrobe and wish you had some extra lighting there?

Our NEW Motion Sensor Light is the solution to your problem. Since they’re super easy to install, you’ll be able to light up your whole household in just 30 mins! Never stumble in the dark again! Every dark wardrobe, room or cupboard can be lit up automatically with our easy to install lights. Just imagine never having to use a light switch again!


 Easy Installation, No Drilling or Wiring Needed

 Strong Magnet Stickers, Stick It to Anywhere

 Accurate Motion Sensors, Auto On/Off in Day & Night

 Huge Battery Capacity, USB Rechargeable

 Three Colour Temps, Match It with Your Decor

 Dimmable, Adjustable Brightness

 Modern Appearance & Sleek Design

 Save $100’s On Your Electricity Bills Per Year

 Australian Owned & Shipped from Australia

About The Motion Sensor Lights 

Our lights provide your apartment with a safe and indirect light wherever you need it. When you get up at night, no longer fumble for a light switch. The floor will be automatically illuminated to guide you through the room safely. Never have to worry about children, the elderly or your loved ones again. You can even set the lights to react only in darkness!

Convenience Meets Elegance

You can attach the light to the magnet or detach it anytime you want hassle-free. With the aid of the light sensor, you are able to turn on the night mode so that the lights will go on only when it is totally dark. So, you’d need to recharge the lights less often. The built-in battery is so powerful that it can last up to two months in your wardrobe on auto-mode and 3 hrs on always-on mode.

Add The Final Touch Of Beauty & Elegance To Your House

The motion sensor picks up movement at 3~5 metres in a 120-degree view and turns on the light automatically. As long as there’s motion, It will stay on longer. Once the motion is gone, It stays on for about 10 seconds and then goes off automatically. As it is a battery-operated device, you can easily move it around your house, wherever you might need additional light to avoid unintended accidents.

Better For The Environment, Better For Your Pocket

By choosing to buy our lights that are equipped with rechargeable batteries, you can be part of the solution to a growing waste problem. This translates to fewer materials being consumed during the production of batteries. It pays for itself within a few months by just not having to rebuy batteries, let alone saving $100’s on your household electricity bill by just not using the main lights as often.

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